Top Recruiters in Hong Kong and Asia 2022 As Asia’s largest community of recruiters, we pride ourselves in bringing the top recruiters across different disciplines for employers hiring in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of Asia.  Three of the most popular recruitment market in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia) are home to … Continue reading

#ReinventingRecruiters Series – Hiro Toyota

Hiro Toyota, a Kiwi-Japanese Hong Konger, got into recruitment after spending some years in the retail industry. He began his career in a Hong Kong-based recruitment firm founded and led by ex-Michael Page employees – KOS International. Leveraging his retail knowledge, Hiro excelled in his recruitment career. He took the traditional career path – spent … Continue reading #ReinventingRecruiters Series – Hiro Toyota

#ReinventingRecruiters Series – Iris Hui

Iris’ first encounter with the recruitment industry was with Ranstad, a global recruitment agency that has specialized lines of businesses. Given her background in tax and accounting from KPMG, the firm assigned her to the Accounting Recruitment team. At first, recruitment was fun and exciting because she was connecting with different people from all walks … Continue reading #ReinventingRecruiters Series – Iris Hui

#ReinventingRecruiters series – what is Find Recruiter?

Borrowing the idea of #InventingAnna and its possible sequel #ReinventingAnna, we decided to coin our video series #ReInventingRecruiters. Instead of inventing Con Artists, we are reinventing recruiters and, on a larger scale, how recruitment should be done. Recruitment is a traditional industry, many firms are close to a century-old (Adecco was founded in 1957, Robert … Continue reading #ReinventingRecruiters series – what is Find Recruiter?

Find Recruiter receives its first-ever funding from WNJ

Find Recruiter is extremely excited to announce an official partnership with WNJ Ventures. For the past 3 years, Find Recruiter has been a bootstrapped venture with the mission to streamline the recruitment processes for companies via their collaborative platform between employers and specialist recruiters. By having a community of over 500 recruiters across Hong Kong, … Continue reading Find Recruiter receives its first-ever funding from WNJ